Thursday, April 25, 2019

Building instructions done!

It has taken some doing but I'm happy to announce that the instructions for my Blacktron Goliath LEGO tank are finally done and available for purchase (see bottom for details). 

The Blacktron Goliath is a fully functional RC LEGO tank. Its functions include:
  • skid-steering drive;
  • independent torsion-bar suspension;
  • turret rotation and elevation;
  • automatic shooting mechanism with a 5-shot autoloading magazine.

The instructions are step-by-step. I've tried to make them as much like official LEGO instructions. These are some sample shots: 
Blacktron Goliath v2 sample of building instructions

In case you are curious about the parts I used: this is an XML parts list of all the parts you need, except one. The part that is not included is the Buwizz brick, which you can buy here:
You can import this XML file into Bricklink to easily and cheaply buy the parts you need for this build. For those who want a regular PDF part list, you can download that here:

          I've tried to only use readily available LEGO parts, but in two instances that was not possible, namely with the wheels (6595) and the turntable (48452cx1). In my opinion, part 6595 is uniquely well suited to work with big LEGO treads (part 57518). Of course, there are alternatives, but 6595 is clearly the best. And that's why I included it in the build. The turntable is rare because, although TLG used the part for many years, there generally was only one per set. Both items are still available on Bricklink, but depending on where you live, might be hard to get. I hope this will not inconveniece you too much. Generally however, you will find that building the Goliath in its Blacktron livery is cheaper and easier than building the gray version.
          This MOC is designed to be powered and controlled with a Buwizz. However, an Sbrick with some 3rd party lipos will also work well. This MOC was not designed to use the regular LEGO Power Functions receiver and battery box.   

If you want to build this creation for yourself then you can purchase the building instructions by transferring €25 to my Paypal account: I will then send a download link to the email address that belongs to your Paypal account. If you have any questions, you can email me through the email address on my Youtube channel (Kelkschiz), DM me on twitter (@kelkschiz) or just reply to this topic.

Thanks in advance for your patronage, it means a lot. 

Friday, June 22, 2018

LEGO RC Blacktron Goliath Update

This is an improved version of the Blacktron Goliath. It may not look it, apart from the recoloring, but this design has been rebuild several times. Especially the inner mechanics have been completely overhauled to make them run smoother, and to make the tank more practical. This rebuilding process can be seen as the final step before making building instructions. Because I am planning to make building instruction, I am less forgiving of imperfections. A lot of time has gone into this step. But its mechanisms inside are a lot more reliable now. Of course I've also tweaked its appearance here and there. Still a bit of a work in progress: there are still some things I am not 100% happy with. I will be making some more videos of this tank in the future and i've started making building instructions.

You can find more info about this thank in my previous blog post and on my Youtube channel: (more videos upcoming).

Blacktron Goliath v2

Thursday, March 22, 2018

LEGO RC Blacktron Goliath Heavy Tank in Action

This is the first video of my latest tank. So far I am pretty happy with it. I have the feeling that I am getting ever closer to the goal I set out for myself a couple of years ago. Namely, making a perfectly functioning remote controlled LEGO tank. At the moment I am busy with making some final improvements after which I am planning to make building instructions for the tank. 

One of the improvements with this tank is a new remote control scheme. At the center of this scheme sits the BrickController app programmed by Imurvai. This app enables controlling Sbricks, Buwizz bricks and even PF IR with a bluetooth gamepad! The gamepad provides physical feedback that is absent in the other apps and this physical feedback improves controllability immeasurably. For more information check out this Eurobricks forum thread:

Some specifications of this tank:

The MOC is powered by 2 XL motors for drive and 2 M motors for rotation, elevation and shooting. A single Buwizz for remote control and power.

- Working torsion-bar suspension
- Shooting;
- Driving;
- Turret rotation;
- Gun elevation;

Some pictures:
Blacktron Goliath

Here you can see it in action:

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Blacktron Blackbird & Wasp

Blacktron Blackbird

After getting reinvested into the LEGO Blacktron theme with the Scouttrax, Trooptrax and Liberator, it was a given that I also had to build a Blacktron spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!!! I wanted something big like a command ship but not so big that I would have to spend a small fortune of Bricklink. So I opted for a frigate class ship.

This is the Blacktron Blackbird a Blacktron C3 (command, control and communications) frigate. Designed to act as a forward HQ for an AO (area of operations). As most ships in the Blacktron fleet, it is fast, heavily armed and cool looking as hell. It has two modes of operation. It's standard cruise mode in which the ship is one long sleek craft. And then it has a battle mode in which the front cockpit detaches and acts as a multipurpose fighter/bomber. The fighter is called the Wasp it has a variable-sweep wing which can be completely folded backwards. When the fighter detaches the main ship is controlled from a secondary cockpit slightly farther back.

It is not difficult to see where the inspiration for this build came from, I think. It had two main sources of inspiration the first obvious being the Lockheed SR-71. The second is a bit more obscure but I hope fan of the Star Trek universe will still notice it.

Have to say I had a lot of fun making this build and also making some of the images. All my other MOCs since my dark age rely heavily on LEGO Technic, all of them are remote controlled. This is quite the opposite. Hardly any technic involved here. Nor any complex mechanisms so I was able to fully enjoy the design process, which was a lot smoother than normal. Still planning to expand my Blacktron forces further.


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Got a staff pick on LEGO Ideas

Over on LEGO Ideas my Blacktron Scouttrax got highlighted as a staff pick. Which was a surprise and delight! At the moment I am building a C&C frigate called the Blacktron: Blackbird. It will be my first non-technic build since my LEGO darkage and it starting to look mighty fine. Of course I am also still working on a MOCtalk video of my Blacktron Liberator. But at the moment building is just a bit more tempting. 

If you want to support it you can find it via the following link:

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

LEGO Blacktron "Liberator" Tank

This is my Blacktron “Liberator” main battle tank (MBT). It is designed to be the backbone of the Blacktron land forces. It is a relatively small and fast attack vehicle with heavy armaments, capable of devastating hit-and-run attacks. At the moment it is just a prototype being field tested but as soon as this design enters full production Blacktron HQ expects to be able to take the initiative once again.

I am planning to make a MOCtalk video about it pretty soon, in which I will talk about all the interesting details of this model. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I made an LDD file of ats1995's LT2.2 automatic shooting mechanism

Hi all,

Been working on a lot of things including three new LEGO tanks. However this will be a little addition to my Automatic LEGO Shooting Mechanisms video. Specifically ats1995's shooting mechanism of his LT2.2. Originally Dacke93 made digital instructions of this mechanism, but unfortunately some time ago he deleted them. The mechanism itself is rather old but it has taught me a lot about shooting mechanisms by building it, and for that reason I consider it a valuable design for anyone interested in LEGO shooting mechanisms. I also received several requests for the digital instructions. For those reasons I have remade an LDD file of this design which you can download through this link:

To view it you will need LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) software, which you can download here: Once you opened the LDD file and loaded the digital model, you will be able to generate building instructions by pressing F7.