Monday, April 20, 2015

LEGO Sailboat in Action

Action footage of my LEGO trimaran sailboat MOC the "Battlehawk"! This is a MOC i have been working on for some time and is a work in progress. I still want to significantly improve the sailing characteristics and the level of control, but in the mean time this action footage of how it sails at the moment. I hope you will like it. 

Building a LEGO Sailboat Project

This is a video about building a LEGO trimaran sailboat! This project
started somewhere in the middle of 2014, when I saw a video by
Sariel, called Leviathan Airboat. In that video Sariel speculated
about the possibility of using LEGO sails for building an actual LEGO
sailboat. At the time I thought that was a wonderful idea, except
that I wouldn't use LEGO sails but my own custom sails. During the
weeks that followed the idea of building a LEGO sailboat stayed on my
mind, and soon after I started ordering parts from bricklink and
working out some crucial parts to see if it was possible at all. This is the result: 

How to build LEGO tank suspensions

Another requested video. Building LEGO suspension
for tracked vehicles can be a challenge. That is why I made this
video in which I hope to give you some inspiration and to help you get started.
In this video I will talk a little about the history of tanks, about
different kinds of suspension for tanks, how they function and how
to build them with LEGO. This video is mainly meant for people who
are new to building tracked LEGO vehicles.

LEGO firing mechanism building instruction video

This is a building instruction video of my LEGO firing mechanism.
It was requested by Koen Gruiters. Unfortunately the video quality is
a bit grainy due to amateuristic video equipment, poor lighting and
let's face it a very amateur videographer. I hope it is still viewable.
This is the same gun mechanism as the one I used in my Mark 5 and 6 tanks.

Mark 6 RC LEGO tank

This is a short video of my sixth fully functional LEGO tank MOC I've build so far. It's a fictional design, not based of an existing tank, though i was inspired by the LEGO tank Gyuta97 has build. Of the tanks that I've build so far this one is definitely the best.

It has fully functional LEGO spring suspension, full 360 degrees turret traverse, gun elevation, turret ring, and last but not least a fast firing, autoloading gun, with a six shot magazine. It's shooting range is about 8 meters. It can fire at any elevation level of the gun barrel. Remote controlled via 4 PF IR receivers. In the future i hope to incorporate two SBricks instead. The three battery packs are easily accessible through hatches, in the hull and on the turret. The turret is perfectly balanced, and the turret ring makes it very stable.

For more photos and videos of this tank check out my Flickr album:

Automatic LEGO firing mechanism

This is the automatic LEGO firing mechanism of my Mark 5 anf 6 tanks. 
A reliable, powerful and rapidly firing LEGO ballista:

Six shot autoloader LEGO tank project

This is a rather long video about starting to build LEGO tanks:
Six shot autoloader LEGO tank, inspired by Gyuta97, designed and build by Kelkschiz.

If you are interested in the guy who inspired me please take a look here: